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Every mother's nightmare- anoxic brain injury- drug overdose

by Heather

My 18 year old son was hours away from starting college on a football scholarship. He was found after I placed a phone call to check on his journey to college and he did not answer. 11 days in a coma, 20 more days in critical care, ARDS (Acute respiratory distress syndrome- lungs were bleeding out) CT Scan showed severe brain damage. My son regained consciousness, miraculously at about 20 days after injury, with full speech and about 90% cognitive function. One week into in patient rehab, regaining use of arms. Hopeful legs will follow. Does anyone else have a miracle child story to tell? My son has a long way to go, but I am finding that the brain (and prayer) both have remarkable healing powers. Information about long term fall-out, finding the right outpatient doctor, when is improvement deemed to be "maximum", how to make the most out of in patient rehabilitation-- are pressing issues now.

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recovering abi
by: Anonymous

I had a heroin overdose at the age of 19
I am now 37...i got 2 beatiful normal kids....the affects of the abi on me are not that noticeable until i get really tired...then the slurred speech is brought on along with the very slippery memory.... I overcome this by slowing my speech down when i am tired.
I hope this helps.
There is hope

my hypoxic brain injury
by: sarah

I myself have an anoxic hypoxic brain injury. I overdosed on heroin at the age 29. I was left for dead. once the paramedics got there they couldnt get me awake and i wasnt breathing. I then went into ICU for 7 days on a ventalater. They said if I ever woke up I would never be the same and Im not. I have been clean and sober for 2 years now and feel like im learning my whole life all over again. I HAVE HAD SO MUCH SPEECH AND PHYSICAL THERAPY and I am still in it.

MY story
by: Anonymous

Forgive me because this was written TO someone, and I've just copy/pasted it

If you're wondering, Im doing well! I spent about a week in ICU (which I only vaguely remember) before being transferred to another floor, and then the rehab floor at the same hospital.
Im now in a rehab facility that specializes in brain injuries.
I overdosed as well, on my boyfriend's methadone, as well as some other pills, Im sure (although i don't remember...).
I am walking, talking just fine, and obviously using the computer, so Im doing pretty well! (and Im on a laptop with no mouse! Using the pad is very difficult, but Im managing)
At first though, I couldn't walk, or talk very well (I just whispered, lol), and my body would jerk around uncontrollably.

Im still in the hospital, but hoping to return home within 3-4 weeks! Im so eager to get back to normal life (and normal food!)

If anyone wants to reach me my email address is

My husbands ABI
by: Melissa

My husband suffered and ABI due to a drug overdose on Feb. 26th of this year. I performned CPR until medics arrived and they continued for 33 minutes, before they were able to substain a pulse. We he arrived at the ER they immediately began hypothermic treatment to force the oxygen to his brain and try to salvage his organs. When a family member asked his prognosis they said about 1%. I even heard a nurse say sometimes they try too hard. Don't ever give up hope because my husband woke three days later. He was talking smiling everything. The next day he stopped talking due to hearing loss. But has sense regained his speech and all other functions except hearing and some cognitive issues. His personality is different and I don't know if the overdose was accidental or not. I guess at this point it doesnt matter right?

my beautiful Frankie
by: Anonymous

i have no idea why my prayers for my beautiful 22 year old son were not answered...he was found not breathing by his girlfriend, they had both done herion ...she was never clean but my son was for 5 months...when the EMT's got there he was still warm and was resuscitated and taken to the ER.
i was given no hope from the beginning..he stayed in CCu for 5 days before the tube was removed..we were told he could not breathe on his own....he did for 5 more days, his heart was so strong and was healthy ....he had the very minimum function a brain has....would live in a vegatated state and would be blind...
i treasure the 10 days i had with has only be 6 months....he tried with all his heart to beat herion....i have to give him that...he is my heart and soul.....

Reply to Angeline's post
by: Heather

I will send your story to my son! Your story is very inspiring and thanks for sharing it. My son is now a freshman in college, on the Dean's list, stubborn as all get out and walking without devices- except for a neuro stimulator unit on his weakened leg. He has spasms and is left with "spastic quadriplegia" which manifests in some interesting ways, but so far, so good. He does have limitations but refuses to live with them until he knows that he is the best he can get post-anoxic brain injury. This is written 15 months post injury. We are blessed with excellent health care/docs and insurance as well as one determined kid.

Never give up
by: Angeline

My story is very long but I'll do my best to share: my senior year in college was a nightmare, it was the 80's, punk was in, presc drugs were on the rise, but w/ alcohol & depression, not a good mix. I had just come back my jr yr abroad & was totally overwhelmed. I planned & planned & when I finally did, I took 16x enough to kill me. I flat lined in the ambulance, then at the hosp, paddled, recessitated, died again, last rites, came back. Coma for 10 days, proposed to be brain dead, 'woke up' but no memory, ICU another week, 100% blind, no speech. (if it matters, Darvocet & Dessiprimine) b/c of good insurance & a diff system, I was in hospital 5 months. Out to rehab, back in for emergency bowel resection (necrosis) 3 more surgery over the years, legally blind,wouldn't know it, can't drive but I've adapted. My mom & dad had amazing faith, almost to a psychologically questionable degree. I learned to walk again etc, still shake a bit But, I went on to get married, run 10ks, have two I'm moderately psychic, & other oddities, I'm an artist & just went back to work. I'm on here b/c I'm having some difficulties & work noticed...I'm nervous but hopeful. Belief in the impossible, in a higher power is Everything! Best, Angeline ...

Update to Anoxic Brain Injury Recovery
by: Heather Brown

Just to let you know that my son left Kessler Institute (West Orange, NJ) after two months in their brain injury unit. When he was admitted, he could not use his arms or legs. He left with the ability to use his arms, write with a pencil (not well but he could do it) and was beginning to try to walk with a walker. It is now 9 months post injury and my son is walking with a cane (still needs a wheelchair and adaptive devices because of spasm and damage to his cerebellum which controls balance.) His cognitive deficits are not that bad. All in all, an amazing recovery.

Injured son continues to improve- anoxic brain injury)
by: Heather

I am so sorry about your wife. I did not read your message until today (March 12). Has she made recovery?
My 18 year old son has regained the use of his arms and is trying to learn how to walk. There is a good chance that his legs will be restored to him as well. He spent two months in Kessler Institute in West Orange NJ in the Brain Injury Unit. He made remarkable progress there and came home just before Thanksgiving.

My wife Shannon L. Alvores
by: Joseph Torriano Alvores

My wife attempted suicide Jan 11, 2012 at sometime between 8 am and 12pm. She was found on the couch surrounded by pictures of our son and myself and unconscience. We have no Idea how long. CPR was give immediately. On day one she remained totally unconscience Day two she regained minimal conscienceness. Day three a little better even putting words together, she told me she snuck out of the hospital to go get a big mac at McDonalds and didnt want me to get upset with her. Then she took a turn for the worse and has not since that day responded with such promissing acts. Things have changed very little since that fourth day and now it is the 20th of Jan. 2012. we need all the good support we can get here and success stories. Please email me at or call at 859-321-5793 to discuss my expierence or give me some kind of hope. Thank You Joseph Alvores

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