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Our mission is to provide information for people who are living in Our World.

Survivors, their families, and their loved ones will find useful information within the few hundred pages attached to this site.

Every page of this site has a link to OUR SITEMAP. If you ever wonder where to go next, just go to the sitemap for directions or inspiration.

Authors Beth and Larry Jameson (survivor and spouse) maintain this website. Since Beth received her injury in 1990, they bring years of living in this special world to their writing and this site.

Brain-Injury-Online : What is it?

... a comprehensive source of information about living with an injured brain. Managed and maintained by Beth and Larry Jameson, authors of Brain Injury Survivor's Guide, this site combines their expertise as well as that of many others who deal with common problems on a daily basis.

Brain Injury Information includes what you need to know about types of brain injury, its affects, various therapies, and steps that can be taken by those living with an injured brain, their family, friends, co-workers and caregivers that lead to successful living.

brain injury information

Brain Injury Lawyers includes information you need to know about selecting a lawyer, things you should be doing to help your attorney and a state-by-state listing of head trauma attorneys.

brain injury lawyer

Associations and Organizations are found throughout the world. Their purpose is to provide assistance to those living an injured brain. These associations are the backbone of support groups found in over a thousand towns in the United States.

brain injury associations

Brain Injury Resources contains many sources of additional information about head injuries and things you can do to improve the quality of your lifestyle. You will find international, United States and individual state resources and a state-by-state listing of support groups.

brain injury resources worldwide

Veteran's Information contains state-by-state listings of Veteran Service Centers, Polytrauma Centers and information about Fisher Houses. We salute our military members and want to insure they are able to find a great source of information should they suffer from mTBI or PTSD.

information for veterans

Brain Injury Videos contains a growing list of helpful videos about living with brain injury.

brain injury survivor's guide video
Brain Injury Stories are written by our site visitors and provide a wonderful examination inside the brain injury community. You will find stories of inspiration and hope. You will read of successes had by real people - in their own words. The writer may be the brain injury victim or a family caregiver. These stories are from the heart.
brain injury stories


The information and resources on this website or in any other publications are provided solely for educational purposes. We do not provide medical or legal advice or professional services. Our website and any publications referenced on it are not a substitute for professional services.

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